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Welcome to the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (NCBLPC)

The North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors’ purpose is to oversee the activities of persons, in North Carolina, who render counseling services to the public to ensure the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

We encourage you to review the website to learn more about the professional counselor licensure process in the state of North Carolina.  If you have additional questions please email us LPCinfo@ncblpc.org.

Please see the NCBLPC 2015 Calendar for application deadline and Board meeting dates.

NCBLPC has moved to Greensboro, NC

Effective July 14, 2014 the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (NCBLPC) has a new address; please send all correspondence and applications to:

For General Mail: For Overnight and Special Delivery:
PO Box 77819
Greensboro, NC 27417
7D Terrace Way
Greensboro, NC 27403

We have also changed our phone number, so for questions please reach us at 844-622-3572 or 336-217-6007.  You can contact us by email at LPCinfo@ncblpc.org.   Our fax number is now 336-217-9450.  Please remember that applications and forms cannot be received by fax. If faxed, they will be shredded upon receipt.

The Board will accept some documents delivered in person.  However, the Board staff is unable to conduct reviews at the time of your visit.

2015 Renewal Information

If your license is to expire June 30, 2015, please visit our License Renewal page for updated 2015 renewal guidelines.

To renew your license, please visit the Forms page.  Scroll down to section 08 License Renewal to obtain the forms and instructions for renewal.

As of July 1, 2014, all applications for renewal are subject to a renewal fee of $200 and a late fee of $75. You have one year from the date of expiration to renew your license.  Licensees who do not renew during that time will need to reapply for licensure and will be subject to the rules in place at that time.


For information about our complaints process or how to file a complaint about a licensee, please visit our Complaints page.  If information about disciplinary actions given to a licensee can be found by searching for the licensee on the License Verification page and select the name of the licensee you are requesting and view the full record.


If you have questions regarding the renewal of your license, please email the board at the following address: LPCinfo@ncblpc.org