Disciplinary Actions

In an effort to increase public protection, the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors is providing a listing of counselors that have received disciplinary action from the Board. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes § 90-340, the Board is authorized to take action against licensees that violate the North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselors Act and/or ACA Code of Ethics. The following list represents actions taken by the Board from 2005 to current. For information regarding adverse actions taken prior to the above date, please contact the Board office directly.

Please Note: This list includes individuals who have been disciplined and may have complied with Board mandates. To determine if the individual’s license has been restored to good standing, please verify the current status of their license.

Disciplinary actions remain in their licensure history and the public record documents are also provided through the license search on our website.

Last Name First Name License Number Decision Type Decision Action Date PDF
Mason Alida 571 Consent Order Conditions 12/22/2009
Crummie Anne 773 Consent Order Relinquished 12/5/2013
Walker Samuel 892 Final Decision Revocation 5/12/2006
Willett Larry 1002 Consent Order Conditions 3/8/2011
Curran Maria 1050 Consent Order Probation 2/9/2011
Derwin Rebecca 3489 Order of Summary Suspension Summary Suspension 4/14/2016
Wilson Wayne 3158 Consent Order Revocation 10/14/2016
Jackson Kimbery 2182 Consent Order Conditions 12/4/2014
Lessard Jayne 2191 Consent Order Suspension 12/7/2012
Burgess Trudy 2340 Consent Order Suspension 10/14/2016
Duncan Lydia 2647 Consent Order Probation 3/23/2011
Foster Robert 2868 Consent Order Probation 10/30/2006
Gardner Amy 2923 Consent Order Conditions 9/11/2012
Schooley Miranda 3030 Consent Order Conditions 11/10/2011
Cowles Richard 3055 Final Decision Revocation 10/6/2010
Williams Marc 3101 Consent Order Conditions 6/6/2008
Earnhardt Jerry 3269 Consent Order Suspension 6/12/2013
Jeffreys Karla 3426 Consent Order Conditions 11/4/2010
Hutto Alice 3434 Final Decision Revocation 5/15/2015
Head Laura 3451 Consent Order Probation 1/6/2009
Weaver Mark 3471 Consent Order Conditions 10/14/2006
Mills Donald 3480 Final Decision Suspension 12/7/2012
Carter Garren 3549 Consent Order Conditions 7/23/2010
Rogers Melanie 3584 Consent Order Revocation 5/29/2014
Brown Michael 3599 Final Decision Revocation 5/24/2013
Kamke Steven 3698 Final Decision Application Denial 9/17/2015
Anderson Robin 3728 Consent Order Probation 5/24/2013
Locklear Melanie 3785 Final Decision Revocation 4/30/2015
Rice Barbara 3845 Consent Order Suspension 11/14/2010
Crosscope (Scott) Cindy 3876 Final Decision Revocation 7/18/2014
Richardson John 3974 Consent Order Probation 3/1/2013
Richardson John 3974 Consent Order Suspension 2/26/2016
Selby George 4030 Consent Order Suspension 6/3/2008
Jenkins James 4071 Consent Order Conditions 5/15/2011
Terrago Rita 4543 Final Decision Revocation 3/26/2012
Gray Jarrod 4576 Consent Order Suspension 12/7/2012
Harrison Traci 4643 Consent Order Conditions 10/6/2008
Hopkins Elizabeth 4645 Consent Order Conditions 3/23/2007
Corum Ronald 4977 Final Decision Revocation 10/7/2011
Hall Myron 4999 Final Decision Revocation 6/11/2015
Brewer Jody 5071 Consent Order Conditions 10/2/2008
Eller Margaret 5087 Final Decision Suspension 3/27/2012
Hollowell Jennifer 5105 Consent Order Revocation 8/27/2012
Garnes Charlotte 5195 Final Decision Revocation 12/5/2013
Coleman Jennifer 5282 Consent Order Relinquished 6/11/2015
Thomas (Nicol) Kerry 5469 Consent Order Conditions 12/7/2012
Purnell Brian 5551 Consent Order Reprimand 11/23/2011
Capistrant Alan 5582 Consent Order Probation 5/27/2008
Jordan Jannetta 6537 Consent Order Conditions 12/4/2009
Crook Jonathon 6750 Consent Order Conditions 3/30/2009
Samarkos Elayne 6830 Consent Order Conditions 6/30/2010
Sturdivant Robert 6838 Consent Order Conditions 11/2/2011
Fitzgibbon Lyric 7000 Consent Order Conditions 2/26/2016
Pate David 7035 Consent Order Probation 10/26/2015
Phillips Gina 7100 Consent Order Conditions 9/4/2009
Conerly Dalvis 7118 Consent Order Probation 6/11/2015
Sherry Anne 7196 Consent Order Suspension 12/10/2015
Ray Kashanda 7205 Consent Order Reprimand 9/4/2014
Hampton-Sowell Oriaku 7491 Final Decision Revocation 1/15/2015
Hope Giraud 7609 Consent Order Revocation 3/1/2013
Powers Mark 7873 Final Decision Revocation 4/22/2014
Duffy Elizabeth 8578 Consent Order Conditions 9/17/2015
Beach Nicole 8824 Consent Order Probation 12/4/2014
Finamore Frances 9813 Final Decision Revocation 12/10/2015
Wright Reketta A7646 Consent Order Conditions 3/21/2011
Wyatt Leslie A8376 Application Denial Revocation 3/24/2015
Hart Tina A8429 Final Decision Revocation 1/15/2015
Pena Jessica A9675 Consent Order Relinquished 5/20/2014
Reynolds Michael S4211 Consent Order Revocation 1/14/2015
Swan Kambi S4481 Consent Order Reprimand 12/16/2016
Maron Corinne 7271 Consent Order Application Denial 12/16/2016
Coles Donna 10765 Consent Order Relinquished (Voluntary) 4/13/2017
Austin Melissa 5265 Consent Order Probation 7/27/2017
Carr Cross Joanna A11947 Consent Order Revoked 7/27/2017
Clark Todd 2636 Consent Order Conditions 7/27/2017
King Robin KING-5DE650 Final Decision Conditions 7/27/2017
Fulper Laura 4222 Consent Order Reprimand 1/26/2018
Korzelius Joseph 6482 Consent Order Revoked 1/26/2018
Flowers Patricia 11233 Consent Order Reprimand 1/26/2018
Prenatt Justina A8962 Consent Order Reprimand 1/26/2018
McMillan John 3079 Consent Order Probation 4/12/2018
Wright-West Phyllis 6507 Consent Order Probation 7/26/2018
Breese Heather 10522 Consent Order Revoked 4/12/2018
Greenlee Laura S5402 Consent Order Reprimand 11/19/2018
Suggs Tracey A100073 Consent Order Revoked 4/12/2018
Ebison Loretta A11461 Consent Order Suspension 4/12/2018
Brown Kedar 2254 Consent Order Reprimand 10/18/2018
Fernandez Leigh Ann S4415 Consent Order Reprimand 10/18/2018
Peele Cheri 7620 Consent Order Revoked 4/24/2018
Torella Bonnie 4545 Consent Order Probation 7/26/2018
Siegel Allyson 8248 Consent Order Revoked 10/19/2018
King Tammy 4222 Final Decision Revoked 1/25/2019
Hill Deborah 4336 Consent Order Remedial 1/25/2019
Dalton Chandrieka DALT-4P25MH Final Decision Conditions 4/12/2019
Littwin Patricia 9293 Consent Order Probation 4/12/2019
Sowell Oriaku HAMP-4434T Final Decision Condtions 6/7/2019
Seabrooks Angela SEAB-EY1O0E Final Decision Conditions 6/7/2019
Graham Kent 4420 Consent Order Reprimand 6/7/2019
Kornegay Donna S4919 Consent Order Probation 6/7/2019
Brown Juanita a12755 Consent Order Relinqushed 7/25/2019
Paulk Jimmy 8955 Final Decision Revoked 7/25/2019
Kerns Michael 12245 Consent Order Probation 7/25/2019
Victory Jason 12933 Final Decision Probation 9/13/2019
Stewart Traver 10122 Consent Order Reprimand 6/2/2020
Coleman Charisse 8667 Consent Order Reprimand 7/24/2020
Myers Lauren A12921 Consent Order Revoked 7/14/2020
Raymond Pamela 3709 Consent Order Relinquished 7/24/2020
Luper Suzanne 1078 Consent Order Reprimand 10/15/2020
McKeon Sheila 5576 Consent Order Reprimand 10/16/2020
Kornegay Donna S4919 Consent Order Conditions 01/06/2022
Johnson Charryse A11709 Consent Order Conditions 12/21/2021
Cheveralls Jamie 10813 Consent Order Conditions 01/05/2022
McCarter Jr Robert S3210 Final Decision Revocation 01/01/2022
Kornegay Donna S4919 Consent Order Probation 01/06/2022
Raleigh Mary-Jeanne 10453 Charge Letter Pending 06/08/2021
May Frederick S968 Consent Order Relinquished 05/01/2022
Kornegay Donna S4919 Final Decision Revocation 07/06/2022
Mendez Esther 10868 Consent Order Conditions 07/29/2022
Schmuldt Laura A13162 Consent Order Conditions 10/13/2022
Wynne Donald Dwane S3106 Charge Letter Conditions Pending 05/07/2019

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